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About Electricity Department

Scenario of Electricity Department

Power or electricity is the most convenient and versatile form of energy. All form of economic activity whether it be agriculture, industry or services is relied upon the un-interrupted power supply as well as it is the most crucial source of supplying domestic energy requirement. Diesel Generating (DG) sets is the major source of energy in this Union Territory.

The Electricity Department under the Administration looks after the generation and distribution of power in all the 19 inhabited Islands of Andaman & Nicobar. The department also serves as a Nodal Agency for New & Renewable Energy Programmes and is the State Designated Agency (SDA) for Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) for implementation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programmes. Due to the geographical and topographical peculiarities of these islands, including separation by sea over great distances, there is no single power grid for all the electrified islands and instead separate power houses cater independently to the power requirements of separate Islands.

In A&N Islands the power generation started during the year 1920 with an installed capacity of 100 KW which has reached at present to 113.72 MW at present to meet the increased power demand in 19 Islands. The power generating & distribution system in each Island is without connection to any grid and therefore a “Stand Alone System”.

Highlights & Informations

Power supply is available to 96% of Population.
Remaining 4% are in encroached forest area where in some power is being provided through solar equipments.
100% electrification of revenue villages achieved.
The department is headed by Superintending Engineer supported by 7 Executive Engineers, 38 Assistant Engineers and 128 Junior Engineers.
The total strength of the department is 3024 employees.
We provide Electricity to general public and all other Civil & Defence establishments.
Operate & maintain Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems.
Nodal Agency for New & Renewable Energy Programmes.
State Designated Agency (SDA) for Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), GOI for implementation of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programmes.

Transmission and Distribution System

The Power Generation and Distribution system of A&N Islands is a “Stand Alone System”.
The T&D system is not connected to a grid.
Each Island has its own distribution system.
The distribution system in South Andaman district can only be called as a “Nano Grid”.

Power Growth in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Since 2009)

Year Power Houses (Nos.) Total Capacity (MW) Generation (MU) Per Capita Consumption (Kwh)
2009 43 68.46 201.00 458
2010 43 81.21 228.29 497
2011 43 83.71 241.38 492
2013 53 104.65 263.00 549
2014 53 104.65 275.00 568
2015 53 109.45 294.00 604
2016 54 109.45 310.00 604
2017 54 112.71 314.00 710
2018 49 113.72 318.00 686