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Citizen's Charter of the Electricity Department, Port Blair, A&N Islands


The Citizen’s charter provides information on various service rendered by this department to the public like effecting new service connections, replacement of defective meter etc. The Jurisdictional areas of various section officers, sub-divisional officers, Divisional officers are available by which the public /consumer may become aware to whom to be contacted for their needs/complaints.

The Citizen indicates the time limit for the existing power supply to various class and category of consumers having various loads by mere service connection by extension of line, erection of transformers etc. The Citizen charter can be referred for the checklist of documents to be enclosed for the application for various service rendered by the department.

The Electricity Department, Andaman & Nicobar Administration is committed to provide continuous reliable and quality power supply to the general public and all other civil & defence establishment, to operate power generation & transmission system so as to help in uplifting the socio-economic condition and quality of life of all the people in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This would be done by proper implementation of various departmental scheme and programmes for improving the availability of electric power supply. The department would provide electric power connection to intending consumers for residential, non residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Subject to there having the legal tittle of the land and structures/ buildings, with in a reasonable period of time.

The officers and staff of this department would be polite and courteous in extending all help and assistance to the consumers and general public for solving their problems. The department will strive to simplify the rules and dispose of the public complaints and grievances with in the shortest period. The department would be pleased to have views and suggestions of the consumers and the general public for improving the services being rendered by it.

The department reserves the rights to impose restriction on the use of power on any part of the day or night if the same is deemed necessary in order to safeguard the departments generating and distributing apparatus.

Services being rendered to the public

a) Providing of new service connections

b) No lights complaints from the consumer

c) restoration of power supply in the event of emergencies like dislocation of electric linesdue to failures, wind, cyclones etc

d) Settlement of disputes of excess billing and accuracy/ defects in the energy meters

e) Quality/ standard of service

Avenues of Grievances Redressal

The consumers are to approach the local Site office headed by a Junior Engineer for settlement of their complaints and grievances regarding the services being rendered by Electricity Department. If these are not settled within the above time frame, they can contact the Assistant Engineer failing which the Executive Engineer of the Division for redress. The Telephone Nos. & Names of EE, AE, & JE of different areas will be published periodically for the benefit of the consumers.

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