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Do's and Don't

Do's for Safety

Change defective electric appliances/ switches immediately

Always use ISI mark electrical appliances, switches, wiring materials etc.

Replace loosely held switches by firm ones

Carry out internal wiring as per engineers advices

Attend loose contacts in terminals and internal wirings immediately to avoid electrical and firing hazards

Handle with care electrical equipments

Handle electrical equipments on dry surface/ insulating pad

Periodically check the electrical appliances/ wiring systems/ switches for avoid any fault

Save Electricity

Don't for Safety

Don't use substandard electric appliances/ switches/ wiring materials

Don't use loosely held switches in wiring system

Don't use incandescent lamp

Don't carry out internal wiring without supervision and advice of an electrical engineer

Don't allow loose contacts of terminals and wires it may lead to electrical and fire hazard

Don't venture identifying electrical supply without proper current tester

Don't use high wattage lamps for staircase, toilet, lobby etc.

Don't use two pin sockets

Don't load internal wiring which may cause voltage drop

Don't waste electricity